Financial Aid & Scholarships

Sunshine Academy provides a limited number of private, needs-based scholarships to families in our school in order to ensure accessibility to high-quality early childhood education. If you are interested in attending Sunshine Academy and would like to apply for a scholarship, please contact

All scholarship discussions are completely confidential and any financial information that is disclosed is not retained by the school. All scholarships awarded are for certain periods of time and additional proof of financial need must be presented in order to renew or receive another scholarship.

There is no guarantee that a scholarship will be awarded to all families in need. We have a limited pool of resources in order to help as many families as possible, but not all requests for scholarships can be accommodated.

Options for Active Duty Military Members

Sunshine Academy also participates in the MCCYN program as a Preferred Provider which is sponsored by the U.S. military.

Military Child Care In Your Neighborhood (MCCYN) is a reduced fee assistance program for active duty or deployed Service Members that are unable to attain child care on a Military installation. For information on applying to this program, please see

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