Parent Pages

Medical Documentation for Illnesses

Please use the form below to document an illness diagnosis. If you use your doctor's own form, please make sure that it contains all of the same information.

Parent Handbooks

The parent handbooks outline very valuable information for parents about Sunshine Academy, policies, details, and day-to-day overviews. Inside you will find:

  • Basic information about the school
  • Application and Enrollment Procedures
  • Daily Operations
  • Rights of Children and Families
  • Parent Responsibilities and Parent Involvement
  • Health and Hygiene
  • Safety and Security

Coolidge Corner North

302 Harvard St

Last updated June 1, 2018

Coolidge Corner South

164 Harvard St

Last updated June 1, 2018

Washington Square

1658 Beacon St

Last updated June 1, 2018


Snow Days

Sunshine Academy is closed for snow days when a State of Emergency is declared for Massachusetts.

Notification of a declared State of Emergency is posted online at


Holiday Closings

Sunshine Academy is closed for the holidays found on our Observed Holidays page.

Sunshine Academy

Coolidge Corner North:

Coolidge Corner South:

Washington Square: