Parent Advisory Board

The Parent Advisory Board is a volunteer body of parents. The primary responsibilities of the Board include dissemination of information to non-board members regarding school policies, procedures and events. The Board also helps to make policy and procedural decisions (non-personnel) in order to maintain overall excellence at the school. One or two representatives from each classroom are invited to join the board. If you would like to volunteer as a board member, please contact your Director.

Sunshine South Parent Advisory Board Members 2016 – 2017

T1            Josie Elias     

T1            Sarita Patil    

T2/PK      Vicki Fung     

T2/PK      Kari Braaten 

T2/PS      Deepa Eberlin

PS            Aaron Williams

PS            Joanne Tracy 

PS            Michael Hornfeck

T2/PK      Meighan Rock

PK            Noga Harel    

Sunshine North Parent Advisory Board Members 2016 – 2017

I1/PK        Rachel and Ben Greene                  ,

I1/PS         Amy and David Hurtado                ,

I2/PS        Kathleen Buchheit and Ethan Talbert,

T1/PK       Shannon and Jeffrey Ciempa        ,

T2              Vladlena and Joep Leussink         ,

T2/PK       Boaz Barak                                       

T3              Claire and Paul Avillach                 ,

T3              Jennifer and Matthew Nayor        ,

T3              Sun Hur and Geoff Otto                 ,

PS              Anne and Todd Gierahn                 ,

PS              Roope Astala and Elizabeth Stover,

PK              Amy and Adel Elazzouzi                 ,

Washington Square Parent Advisory Board Members 2016 – 2017

I1                Ryan Cooper                 

T1/PK        Kelly Sikkema                

T3               Mei Zheng                     

PS               Melanie and Paul Barone,

PS/PK        Dulari Pancholi             

PK              Anwesha Nag                 

PK              Caren Kramer               

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