Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have gathered some frequently asked questions about Sunshine Academy, the faculty, and more. If you don’t find the answer to what you’re looking for here, feel free to use our contact form and send us a message.

Can I enroll my children for fewer than 5 days / week?

At Sunshine Academy, all children are enrolled on a full-day, five-day-a-week basis to provide consistency in classroom composition and regularity in the children’s schedules. We find that children learn more effectively when they have a predictable daily schedule and a consistent cohort of classmates.

What are the drop-off times and procedures?

We ask all families to drop of their children before 9 am, when classrooms convene group meeting time and important information about daily activities is provided to the children. If a child has an appointment or must be dropped off at an alternate time, we ask that parents contact the classroom teachers and coordinate a drop-off time that does not disrupt the activities of the day.

What days during the year does Sunshine Academy Close?

Sunshine Academy is open year-round Monday through Friday with the exception of 12 federal holidays, an annual one-day professional development day and the Friday after Thanksgiving.

Is lunch included in the tuition?

Yes. The tuition includes the cost of a daily lunch, morning snack and afternoon snack.

What if my child requires a no-dairy or vegetarian meal?

Our caterer provides alternate meals for children on special diets. We can provide meals for vegetarian, no-dairy/no-egg as well as other alternate meals.  All our meals are nut-free and trans-fat free.

What are your procedures in case of illness?

Children who develop a fever of 100.4 F or higher or who show other signs of contagious illness must return home for 24 hours and remain fever-free without the aid of fever-reducing medications before returning to the school. Whenever a contagious illness is introduced into a classroom, we send a letter to all families in the program with symptoms and other information from the CDC to provide guidance for managing the illness and preventing other children from contracting it.

What certifications do the teachers have?

All Sunshine Academy teachers are certified in Infant/Child First-Aid and CPR, are teacher certified by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Early Education, and either have a degree in Early Childhood Education or are in process of completing their degree work.

What trainings do the teachers receive?

All new teachers undergo eight weeks of orientation training during which all aspects of the program are reviewed. In addition, all new teachers undergo state-mandated trainings in medication administration, early childhood nutrition, safe sleep and transportation safety. All teachers are required to attend four evening trainings throughout the year and our annual Professional Development Day during which specialists in various aspects of early childhood education discuss new developments and best practices. Recent training topics include children’s physical development, sign language for infants, classroom supports for special needs learners, early math education, the whole book approach to early literacy, visual thinking and early childhood observation, responsive classroom practices for behavior management and dual language learning. Training partners include the Museum of Science, the Eric Carle Museum, Arts Practica, and the Public Schools of Brookline. Sunshine Academy provides First-Aid/CPR recertification twice annually. We also reimburse teachers for the cost of courses and workshops in the field of early childhood education that they attend independently of our regular internal training program.

What do the children do during outside time?

At our Washington Square and Coolidge Corner South locations, children often use our exclusive outdoor classroom space where they can run, play games, use ride-on vehicles, engage in planting projects, explore water and sand, or at Washington Square, use the swings. Starting April 1, 2016, children at Coolidge Corner North and Coolidge Corner South schools can use our exclusive park located at 210 Harvard Street which we are renovating to include a toddler park structure, swings, a cascading water table, balancing equipment and musical panels. Classes also go on walking field trips to the farmers market, fish market, library, florist, fire station and other local sites as well as to local parks.