Parent Testimonials

“Our experience with Sunshine Academy has been wonderful. I particularly like the diversity of artistic and academic activities and the well structured  Pre- school and Pre – K curriculum. The equally diverse group of children is appealing and the teachers have all given my son the attention, love and guidance he needs. I know that my son is safe and happy and that he will be more than ready for Kindergarten when the time comes.”

– Thea

“Having Sunshine Academy as part of our extended “family” is a great source of comfort and security for us as we drop off our daughter each day on the way to work or errands. The attention and care that she receives while we are absent is nothing short of the love and attention that she receives from a doting grandparent or relative who comes to visit. This, in addition to the music and language skills that she is learning, make Sunshine a wise and informed choice in our busy and hurried world.”


“Sunshine Academy works for working parents. The food program and long hours are second to none. Getting out the door without having to prepare meals for our son takes the pressure off. Sunshine Academy has a wonderful food program offering healthful meals and snacks. Often times we run late from a last minute meeting or conference call but we still have time for pick up. We can even drop off early too with no extra charges! Sunshine Academy has been a lifesaver for working parents like us.”


– Mark and Chris

“We’ve had our son at the Sunshine Academy for over 3 years and our 2 year old began “attending” the Academy when she was 6-months old.  To say that we have been absolutely delighted with care, professionalism and “love” they have both received would not even begin to suffice.  My wife and I feel so very lucky to have found the Sunshine Academy. Unlike many other daycare programs, at the Sunshine Academy there is a comprehensive curriculum which the teachers follow each day.  As a result, our son has developed reading, writing and mathematical abilities that are well-beyond those of his peers.  He’s even learned some spanish!  But it isn’t all work by any means.  There’s a lot of good healthy play, socialization and creative expression.  Both of our children often sing at home the songs they’ve learned at the Academy.

From time to time we have had special requests.  On every occasion, the immediate answer has been “no problem!”  I could go on and on – but will leave off with an unqualified endorsement of the Sunshine Academy. We’ve been spoiled.  I hope Kindergarten is as good! “


“Our daughter has been at Sunshine Academy for almost three years.  We were very impressed with the facilities and how they are tailored to be safe and fun for the children.  The family events are fun, the music program is stellar, and the efforts of everyone involved in making this a special place for the kids are commendable.  Sunshine Academy has undoubtedly set the bar high for what all childcare centers should strive to be. “


“I am blessed to live around Sunshine Academy after my relocation 9 months ago.”


“We’ve been thrilled with Sunshine Academy. The diversity of its teachers and students, its wide array of academic and extracurricular programs, and its emphasis on friendship and cooperation have all created the ideal environment for our son to grow, learn, and become a confident and happy little boy.”



“Our daughter is thriving in the Sunshine classroom.  The staff is full of loving, dedicated professionals.  Our daughter comes home everyday with exciting new stories of music, spanish, and art projects.  Sunshine Academy keeps her on track developmentally with her behavior and milestones.  The staff is always available with their knowledge, advice, and resources.”


“We selected Sunshine Academy in large part because of the great flexibility they provide us from an hours perspective. Since I work in Burlington, it would be impossible for me to guarantee a 6pm arrival every single day – that extra half hour makes a huge difference!

We love the structured program available at Sunshine. Since our daughter is still an infant, it would be easy to get complacent. We love that she is already being exposed to different languages, music and art even at an early age.

Sunshine is incredibly dependable. They open and close on time with no complaints, and the staff are interactive and friendly. It’s been a great choice for us.”



“Gabriel graduated from Sunshine Academy in the summer of 2009. He started Kindergarten at Devotion School in September. The transition was seamless. On the first day of school, Gabriel walked into the classroom, asked which games were open, sat down and started to play. When it was time to say goodbye, he just waved and continued playing. The teacher told us he’d had a great day, and he did not show any reluctance to go back to school next day. He also adapted immediately to the Extended Day program. I noticed that the day at pre-K at Sunshine is structured in a very similar way to kindergarten, with a circle time at the beginning of the day, and alterations between joint activities and individual choice times. There are also frequent walks and outdoor activities, which translate into “recess” at Kindergarten. I believe that these similarities contributed to a large extent to Gabriel’s easy transition to Kindergarten.”



“The music program at Sunshine Academy is outstanding.  Our children love the music teacher and the great songs that he writes.  The way that the teacher involves the children in the songs — not just singing with them and providing instruments, but creating an artistic movement and dance to go along with each song — has a wonderful impact on the children and just makes the music even more fun.  And as parents, we love receiving CDs with the original songs so that we can learn them and listen and dance together with our children. “