Foreign Language

A Foreign Language Exploratory Program is integral to the curriculum at Sunshine Academy. The goals of the program are to:

  • Cultivate understanding and appreciation for the languages spoken by families at the school;
  • Learn basic words and phrases in select languages;
  • Develop careful listening skills; and
  • Develop facility with foreign language learning as the basis for future study.

Classes meet two mornings a week on alternate days with the music program. Infant and toddler classes meet for 20 minutes each and preschool and pre-kindergarten for 30 minutes each.

The languages we have chosen are:

  • Spanish at Coolidge Corner South (164 Harvard Street) and
  • Mandarin Chinese at Coolidge Corner North (302 Harvard) and Washington Square (1658 Beacon Street)

Both Chinese and Spanish are the languages chosen by the Town of Brookline Public Schools system for their Elementary World Languages Program.

We draw on various resources for our foreign language curriculum materials, including the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages and the Center for Applied Linguistics Early Language Program.

Additional Resources

We encourage parents to participate in learning the basics of each language in order to help support your children’s learning. For more information on Mandarin Chinese, please see these websites:

YouTube/ Learn Chinese with Emma

YouTube/ Joy Mandarin Club

China Sprout Website

Song Title


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Color Song (Chinese Version)LISTEN

Pumpkin Pie (Chinese Version)


Tom the Turkey (Chinese Version)