December 2018 Newsletter – Holiday Gifts that Promote Child Development


Throughout the holiday season, toy marketers and manufacturers will be pushing digital media, electronics, toys with media tie-ins and many other materials detrimental to child development.  Toys and materials with far greater cognitive and social benefits are those that promote face-to-face social interactions, verbal interchange, independent storytelling and sensory exploration. Our favorites include:


Infants: Texture Books, Texture Balls, Fingerpaint, Shakers, SpinAgain Stacking Gears, Pop-Up Toys, Bubbles, Soft Baby Dolls, Nesting Blocks, Stacking Blocks


Toddlers: Toy Vehicles, Pretend Animals, Textured Blocks, Pretend Purses, Hats, Baby Dolls, Playdough, Xylophones, Board Books, Chalk, Do-a-Dot Markers


Preschool: Costumes, Pretend Veterinarian Kit, Stuffed Animals, Pretend Dishes, Matchbox Cars, Magnatiles, Gear Builders, Wedgits, Playdough, Drums


Pre-K: Musical Instruments, Wooden Blocks, Pattern Blocks, Matchbox Cars, Magnetic Letters, Crayons, Pretend Kitchen Set, Costumes, Picture Books, Baby Dolls


   Family excursions to the zoo, aquarium, museums, nature sanctuaries, historical sites and kid-friendly performances, such as at Puppet Showplace Theater or the JFK Museum Celebrate series are also wonderful opportunities to share quality time with your child and engage in experiential learning together.  If you would like gift suggestions particular to your child, please ask your child’s teachers.  Please see also:







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