May 2019 Newsletter – Outdoor Play and Precautions


As the weather gets warmer, our outdoor playtimes undergo a change. We like to use outdoor time for nature exploration, longer walks and soon-to-come water play. Please coordinate with your child’s teachers on the following outdoor precautions so that your child can participate safely in these activities.

· Please bring in sunblock, a sunhat and extra clothes appropriate for the weather. For young infants who cannot wear sunblock, infant sunsuits can provide good UVA/UVB protection. Please ask the directors if you need suggestions.

· Please make sure your child’s shoes fit comfortably and do not come off easily while walking. Flip-flops and crocs often cause the group to have to stop repeatedly and make the walk less enjoyable for everyone.

· Finally, drop-off and pick-up are at the school only. Teachers post their outdoor times at the sign-in clipboard. Please call the classroom early in the day if you need to pick up during a scheduled outdoor time so we can accommodate you. Pick ups at the park are prohibited due to the safety challenge they pose for teachers keeping track of sign-outs and managing the group.

We appreciate your cooperation with our safety routines.

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