September 2019 Newsletter – Communicating with Your Child’s Teachers


As we start the new school year, we want to invite you to participate in your child’s classroom experience. The upcoming Meet-and-Greets start a conversation about expectations and routines. Please use the time to meet fellow parents, communicate concerns and coordinate on common goals for the children. Please also feel free to schedule Parent-Teacher Conferences with your child’s teachers, either in person or by phone, at any time to ask questions and coordinate plans.

     In your mailboxes every day, you will receive a Daily Sheet with information about your child’s activities and accomplishments. Please use the information to initiate a conversation with your child and his or her teachers. Should you have any questions, from 1 to 3 pm is our designated Call-In Time, when the children are napping and your child’s teachers can speak with you as a team.

     Every three months (for infants) and six months (toddler through pre-k), the teachers will present you with a Developmental Report with detailed observations on all aspects of your child’s learning in the classroom. At that time, they will approach you to schedule a conference. We encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity. You may also at any time view the contents of your child’s Portfolio, which includes samples of their learning experiences in the classroom.

     Whenever possible, we prefer face-to-face conversations. Please be aware that drop-off and pick-up times can be complicated, when multiple children are transitioning into and out of the classroom. Brief conversations followed by a longer naptime follow-up by phone often work the best to ensure your concerns are addressed appropriately. We also encourage everyone to participate in our Parent Advisory Board, which meets quarterly to discuss school policy and plan events.  We welcome your input and appreciate your participation in your child’s learning!

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