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January 2019 Newsletter – The Benefits of Multilingualism


The diverse cultural origins of the families and teachers in our school benefits all of us by broadening our understanding of language, religion, politics and worldview. Across our schools are people from more than twenty countries speaking languages that include Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Nepali, Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew, Turkish, Greek, Armenian, Russian, German,

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December 2018 Newsletter – Holiday Gifts that Promote Child Development


   Throughout the holiday season, toy marketers and manufacturers will be pushing digital media, electronics, toys with media tie-ins and many other materials detrimental to child development.  Toys and materials with far greater cognitive and social benefits are those that promote face-to-face social interactions, verbal interchange, independent storytelling and sensory exploration. Our favorites include: Infants:

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November 2018 Newsletter – Fall Family Food Activities

Fall is an ideal time to teach children about healthy food and enjoy family food activities together.  Fresh apples, pumpkins, winter squash, sweet potatoes, apple cider and many other fall foods are the basis for fun cooking activities we are doing in our classrooms and you can do at home too.  When children help cook Read more

October 2018 Newsletter – Protecting All of Our Children from Illness

As flu season begins, please review our illness policies (Parent Handbook, page 31) and note that we will send home any child with a fever, diarrhea, unexplained rash or other symptoms at the discretion of the director. Children must remain home for a full school day fever-free without the aid of medications and must no Read more

September 2018 Newsletter – Communicating with Your Child’s Teachers

As we start the new school year, we want to remind you of systems we have in place for you to participate in setting goals for your child and communicating concerns.  The upcoming Meet-and-Greets start a conversation about expectations and classroom routines. Please use the time to meet fellow parents, communicate concerns and coordinate with Read more

August 2018 Newsletter – Transitions as a Skill-Building Opportunity

Over the next month, there will be many changes throughout the school as we graduate ten children into kindergarten, transition others into the next classroom, and welcome new children into the school. Transitions are an ideal opportunity for supporting and modeling socio-emotional skills in children. As you prepare your child for his or her next Read more

July 2018 Newsletter – Summer with Young Composers

Each summer, in July and August, our Pre-K children have an amazing opportunity to work with David Hanft on our Young Composers music curriculum. Along with regular music classes, Pre-K children work in small groups with David to compose and record their very own musical compositions. If your child is participating in Young Composers, you Read more

May 2018 Newsletter – Young Children and Screens

The Screen Time Action Network Conference on April 20-21 at Wheelock College brought together pediatricians, child development experts, teachers, directors, family counselors and technology developers for discussions about the effects of screen use on children, especially young children. The most exciting news that came from the discussions is that parents can be very effective in Read more

April 2018 Newsletter – Explore Spring at Boston-Area Events

You can enjoy the great outdoors and celebrate spring with your child through many upcoming Boston-area events and activities. On Saturday, April 28, are the annual Charles River Clean Up from 9 am to noon at multiple sites along the river (; the Work for Wildlife Day at the Audubon Wildlife Sanctuaries from 9 am Read more

March 2018 Newsletter – Sleep and the Young Child

The American Academy of Pediatrics and American Academy of Sleep Medicine endorsed sleep guidelines in 2016 that include the following recommendations: Infants 4-12 months old should sleep 12 to 16 hours per 24 hours; Children 1-2 years of age should sleep 11 to 14 hours per 24 hours; Children 3-5 years of age should sleep Read more

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